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Ever wonder what people are really thinking and feeling?

Learn to recognize the scientifically proven “ LEAKAGE OF THE TRUTH” and “DECEPTIVE BEHAVIOR “

Develop an advantage in both your professional and personal life.

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Imagine being able to know what people are

really thinking and feeling, or what their words

really mean. 


Imagine being able to use scientifically proven

techniques and clues to get to the truth in either

your personal or professional life.

Behavior and language are in our DNA. Our brains tell us that we are not supposed to lie. When we do, micro expressions, body gestures, voice/verbiage changes and baseline behaviors are all affected. This is due to a conflict between cognitive thinking and emotional feelings. This causes leakage or clues of deception. Humans are unable to control most of these reactions and with the right training, you can begin to spot the clues or true emotion. These are critical skills to recognize what salesmen, co-workers, witnesses and suspects are really thinking and feeling. They are beneficial in preventing crime suspects from escaping prosecution, or even averting an act of terror.

No doubt there were many missed opportunities to stop the 9/11 attacks. Behavioral Analysis can be a tool to help safe guard neighborhoods, cities, our homeland and values.  Threat environment continues to evolve and loom. Being able to recognize deceptive behaviors and language clues can be a key component to helping stop the threats. Whether it’s a common criminal, drug dealer or domestic terrorist, human behavior and clues of deception are recognizable.

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