“Most law enforcement officers or agents are good at reading people who are trying to deceive them. However Bruce’s expertise on recognizing deceptive behavior

using scientific based behavioral analysis and statement analysis takes you to the next level. This class is designed for anyone who wants to improve their deception recognition skills and how to see the true emotion people are feeling. They may say one thing but there body is saying something different. The interviewing section trains to ask questions which provoke an emotional response which causes leakage, then to properly respond to people who are being untruthful.”

Bruce presented at the 2018 Crime Prevention Practitioners Association conference and received great reviews after only a 3 hour presentation. The Officers were excited about the presentation, stated "they wanted more" and requested that a full day class be offered.


Joel D. Dhein

National Crime Prevention Association (NCPA) President

Wisconsin Crime Prevention Practitioners Association (WCPPA) President

"Good content, excellent presentation.  Wish I would have had these tools years ago on the police dept. I'll never conduct or watch an interview in the same way again."

Larry Warwick

West Allis PD Background Investigator

Detective Lt. West Allis PD (retired)


2020 California Crime Prevention Officers Association (virtual webinar)

“Bruce Jacobs is awesome.” 

“I really enjoyed Bruce Jacob’s section. This was my first symposium, but I would love to see him do a longer presentation at future events. It felt short and I wanted to hear much more!”


“Bruce was extremely interesting!” 

“I especially enjoyed Bruce Jacobs’ presentation and feel like I will be able to apply it in my daily duties.” 

“Jacobs’ presentation was very interesting. My nephew stopped by, heard some of it, and was actually very interested in his presentation. Great choice in speakers!” 

2020 Wisconsin Bankers Association (virtual webinar)

WBA Secure-I.T. Conference- "Leaking the Truth" Micro Expressions, Behavioral and Statement Analysis

Answer Details

Bay Bank  Very Good Amazing insight and wow he was dead on for so many points about lying.

Capitol Bank Excellent Would like to see him again.

Charter Bank Excellent I have seen some of this information presented before.  INTERESTING!

International Bank of Amherst Excellent

Farmers State Bank of Waupaca Excellent Loved this session! I plan to do some more research in to this and read some of the books recommended.

Community First Bank Very Good

Community Bank of Cameron Very Good I thought this was a very interesting presentation and kept my focus on the content the whole time.  This skills if you could master them would be very useful in business and life in general.  Thanks for the interesting topic.

The Equitable Bank, S.S.B. Excellent

Shell Lake State Bank Excellent

National Exchange Bank and Trust Very Good Fun to listen to!

Premier Community Bank Excellent Bruce Jacobs presentation was outstanding.  I really enjoyed it and it held my attention.  Wish his presentation could have been longer.

Horicon Bank Good

Community State Bank Excellent I hope he's invited back in the future!



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