“Most law enforcement officers or agents are good at reading people who are trying to deceive them. However Bruce’s expertise on recognizing deceptive behavior

using scientific based behavioral analysis and statement analysis takes you to the next level. This class is designed for anyone who wants to improve their deception recognition skills and properly respond to people who are being untruthful to


Bruce presented at the 2018 Crime Prevention Practitioners Association conference and received great reviews after only a 3 hour presentation. The Officers were excited about the presentation, stated "they wanted more" and requested that a full day class be offered.


Joel D. Dhein

National Crime Prevention Association (NCPA) President

Wisconsin Crime Prevention Practitioners Association (WCPPA) President

"Good content, excellent presentation.  Wish I would have had these tools years ago on the police dept. I'll never conduct or watch an interview in the same way again."

Larry Warwick

West Allis PD Background Investigator

Detective Lt. West Allis PD (retired)

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